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You cannot be successful, until you ask your customers what they want. Once you know, create it and give it to them!

Market Research

Market research is an investigative research process of finding out what people want, or what they like.

If you are selling products and services, then your biggest step forward is to know who your customers are, what they like about your offerings, and what they wish you would change to make those better.

Why waste money spinning your wheels when you can go right to the source and get your answers for making that important decision?!

TIR helps you get those answers!

Survey Development

The internet questionnaire in survey development, is the most commonly used tool today. People can easily take the questionnaire on their mobile phones, while taking a break.

The design of a questionnaire is a creative collaborative process between the researcher and the client’s team, made up of professionals most closely involved with original development of the product or service.

TIR offers experienced help with questionnaire design to get the answers needed for the decision process.

Data Analysis

The objective of data analysis is to tell the story obtained from questionnaire responses, and from which decisions can be made. Data responses tell the researcher who responders are, where they are, what they do, how they think about something, and why they think that way.

The resulting story is a snapshot in time of what the target audience thinks about a product or service, and is valuable to the decision-making process.

TIR provides response analysis so that you can make better decisions, based on what your customers have told you.

Helping You Succeed!

The Investigative Researcher (TIR) offers you a way to deliver better planned products and services, by understanding your customers’ wants and needs.
Contact TIR today if you need help!

How long does it take for a market research questionnaire project?

Typically, the survey development part with the questionnaire, takes two to three weeks to discuss and design the tool. Then there is a testing period over several days to a week, to fix any issues. Once activated, the questionnaire can run for a few weeks to a month or more.

How long does it take to do the data analysis?

Data analysis from one project usually takes about two weeks, possibly more. There are many ways to look at the data, including changing the variables around. This provides more extensive pictures and stories that are helpful to the client.

Are there other types of market research TIR offers?

Yes. TIR will soon be offering search engine optimization (SEO) research for keywords to clients who need this help. Another important SEO research offering is competitive website analysis, which many clients do not have time for, but should have that information for designing strategies.


TIR has extensive experience in the college textbook publishing industry. The market research process determines what should be changed in a new edition of a textbook, based on customer preferences in the learning and teaching environment.

Studies are also ongoing today in deciding whether textbooks and ancillaries should be provided online only. Teachers and students may prefer using the hardback textbook, but like to have ancillaries online, that can be accessed anytime.

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