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The Investigative Researcher (TIR) is a new service company providing market research applications to any business with a product or service, who wants to know more about their customers and how they relate to those products and services. TIR has an extensive background in working with college textbook publishers whenever they are planning the new edition for an out-of-date textbook and/or associated supplemental products.


Wadsworth Cengage Publishing; Pearson Publishers; Harcourt College Publishers (Thomson Publishing); Dryden Press Publishing; Saunders College Publishing (Elsevier Imprint); Elsevier Publishers; NeuGroup

Jennifer Holmes

Holmes has many years in market research, survey development, and data analysis. She enjoys uncovering the stories behind the analysis and looking at the findings in many different ways.
Holmes, in the near future, will also be offering search engine optimization services, such as keyword research, and competitor site analysis.

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